Hello again!

Hello again!

This is my first blog post in such a long time I’ve almost forgotten how to use this darn site. (I apologise in advance for my English skills (being on Uni holidays has made me forget how to do that too)).

2016 was a year of big changes for me, with doors opening and closing here and here. High school finished, Uni started. I moved out of home and into the big bad world of paying bills and doing my own washing (yuck). I moved from being in the junior  category into the elite, and with that I welcomed a bigger field, faster riders and a more competitive racing experience.

For the past two years I have dedicated so much of my life to getting up early, training hard, eating right and missing social events to chase my dream of racing the World Champs. I wouldn’t take any of it back, but for the time being my focus has shifted a little. I’m not “on a break” per say, but I’m definitely having a break from training so intensely. I’ve learnt to ride purely for fun.

As for 2017, I definely hope to get to races. Who knows what this year will bring. I’m definitely going to train hard again, and I 99% hope to race a World Champs again. That dream hasn’t burnt out, it’s just on the back burner for now.

I am loving having a business, where I get to coach people of all ages and abilities. I remember my coaches saying that they get as much joy out of seeing their athletes do well as they get from winning themselves. I love coaching as it has allowed me to see that.  I love being there when people reach their goals, knowing you have contributed to that is so special. I think I get more nervous than Jess (a nine year old superstar who I have been working with for a while) right before she attempts (and nails) a new feature.

Im still on a bike, I’m still learning new things everyday and chasing my goals. I won’t be racing as competitively this year because I’m definitely not ready. As for now, I want to blog more, continue to develop Red Hill MTB Shuttles so that I can keep coaching, and keep on going for fun rides with my friends and family.

Excitng times ahead!


please feel free to leave absolutely any comments or questions! Alternatively, you can email me at elliewale@hotmail.com

  The places bike riding will take you! My brother and I riding Red Hill

  Doing a coaching lesson with some little shredders!