It was February 2008 and I was 10. For years I had cheered on my dad at the Otway Odyssey, but this year was different. My dad had entered me as well, and I was proud to line up on the start line in my brand new Fox top.

Nerves and excitement rushed through me as I raced the 15km track in the under 18 category. By the time I crossed the finish line, I had secured a second place trophy, a write-up in a magazine and ultimately an everlasting love for mountain biking.

In the years to follow I would race my first cross-country national championships in 2010, win my first cross country national title in 2012, and represent Australia in downhill and cross country in 2014 and 2015.

Nowadays I have a passion not only for mountain biking but also for journalism, and so “My Bike Is Worth More Than My Car” was born.

Through this blog I aim to deliver an insight into the riding, racing and travelling world, and share my personal stories and experiences.

As a young female, I want to shed light on the women who ride, and ultimately share the world of mountain biking with those who may not know a lot about the sport.


Ellie Wale

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